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5 Ways to Diversify Your Digital Strategy

Diversity seems to be a company buzz word, BUT is your digital strategy diverse enough? Most business owners get stuck focusing on ONE part of their digital strategy [ahem! Instagram], but there's so much more to a digital strategy than Instagram. Now, I call out Instagram so pointedly because I think that’s where I feel most comfortable and received as a content creator, but other businesses may be hooked on Twitter or Pinterest. While Instagram plays a big role in my digital strategy (and maybe some of yours), you always want to lean into the platform that's bringing you the MOST conversions. Then, delegate your efforts outward from there.

How will you KNOW which platform brings you the most leads if you don’t give them all a fair shake in your digital plan? I created a blog years ago and I just KNEW that Instagram would be my ticket to success and recognition. Boy, was I wrong! It turns out, people aren’t really into reading on Instagram. (Go figure) While I’d amassed over 2k followers on the platform posting relatable quotes and blog graphics, the actual TRAFFIC to the blog site was coming from… PINTEREST.

To this day, when I’m putting ALL of my efforts into running my business and literally NO effort into the other blog, it’s STILL getting at least 1-2k site visits per month off of old pins that bubble up and become semi-popular occasionally.

Do you see the value in diversifying, now?

Here are 5 methods you can use to diversify your digital strategy:

Don’t focus on ONE social media platform

We all have our favorites, but (as stated before) your conversion may be higher on the platforms you ignore. I learned this lesson the hard way with my first blog. This time, I’m following the analytics… AFTER giving each platform a fair chance.

Reuse content across all your platforms

The name of the game is repurposing! Change the format to fit the social media platform, but don’t reinvent the wheel. Turn blogs into carousels or captions for Instagram. Turn videos in to reels. Turn live videos into reels or blogs depending on the content. Create the same value in different ways across your platforms. Get creative.

Email your site subscribers regularly

You already KNOW they are interested in your products or services. Why ignore them? Email is probably one of the most forgotten elements of a small business digital strategy, but potentially the most lucrative. These are people who have either done business with you previously or have come dangerously close. Regular emails with the right messaging can coax a potential customer who’s on the fence, right into your hands (if executed properly).

Build and SMS text list

Here’s a golden nugget that a lot of small businesses are jumping on now. People love to text. (Sometimes you’ll find a unicorn who hates texting, but overall, this is a solid plan.) When you’re texting your subscribers, build a bond by texting them things that you would want to see from your favorite brands.

Use different types of media

Videos don’t do it for everybody (short or long). You must present your content in MULTIPLE forms to reach multiple types of content. I can factually say that I have some followers on Instagram that ONLY watch my stories. This is probably the ONLY way they see what’s really happening on my feed. Some of your followers only prefer certain types of media. A good digital strategy considers this and creates all types.

Don’t let the lack of diversity be the reason you aren’t getting the reach you deserve on the internet. Repurposing and covering all bases will take you places in this digital space! How are you diversifying? Let's chat in the comments.


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